berlin dating cafe

Once people are committed they are really committed to each other.
Pauline explains, Its like Scandinavia people make the move very quickly from dating to moving in together but the way to even getting together is like it doesnt happen.
Nobody seemed to talk to each other.
Zoe Mendelson is traveling the world, talking to friends and strangers about the messy, wonderful business of sexkontakte in munchen love.Gus is from the States, Pauline grew up in Paris, and Adela grew up in Tel Aviv.Clubs are like you can go by yourself. Pauline agrees, Yeah, no, its never going to happen.This is the fucking thing about Germans!Says Gus, Pauline laughing in agreement on her right.Isnt that the point of going out?I had been in Berlin a few days already when I met up with three friends of mine from college who have been living there since graduation.Thats not going to happen.Gus and Adela both recount experiences of having men ask them for their business card at work and asking them out via text, email, or Facebook later.She says she had never heard of anyone going on a date.People are more practical about what they want in what theyre looking for in another person.People dont talk to each other in bars and clubs?Gus take is similar, And theres not this whole act of drawing another person in but just enough and testing the water constantly, and never just relaxing and being yourself, and constantly kind of making the other person jealous so that they want you.Thats a very different scene.People are in their own worlds, Gus adds.
Gus says she could think of one friend of hers that she knows who has gone on a date, but its not like you can sit in a café here and have some guy come give you his number.
The gay scene is like three-fourths of the dating scene here, Gus says, Its really nice here to be gay.