hatsan at44 s (single shot)      2

The first is the magazines ball ended brass retaining pin.
The rifles now cocked and loaded (the trigger safety will have automatically engaged on pulling back the side-lever).
Ive heard of a barrel being pellet fussy but never a magazine being loading fussy.
When I found pellets that did group such as Air Arms Field and Daystate FT, I noticed my best groups at my set 25-yd zero being sub-one-inch where due to me seating the pellets into the magazine in a specific way.This made me look more closely at the visible mechanical seks 1e Datum parts of the rifle and I was impressed at the standard of workmanship that had obviously gone into making them.A large selection of these are imported into the UK by Edgar Brothers, so no surprises that theyve taken it upon themselves to bring in Hatsans first precharged pneumatic (.Apparently one dovetail is to accommodate standard airgun mounts while the other accepts 22mm mounts must be a Turkish thing!At this stage balance and handling all seemed to be working nicely, the stock now tailored to my preference, and I was ready to set zero.However, largely due to the stock design it does have a character of its own and during testing I certainly warmed to the overall format.Charging is via a quick fill push in probe via an inlet at the front of the reservoir and a 190-bar fill gives approximately 50 full power shots, with approximately.177 calibre.To remove the magazine you first need to pull back the side-lever, then push forward the magazine retaining pin.Hatsan has chosen to go with the synthetic trend now quite literally taking over on many air rifles.I opted to fit an AGS 3-12 X 44 Mini swat on the rear section of the generous scope rail and as the muzzle is threaded UNF I spun a Logun ccfc carbon fibre silencer upfront which sent the rifle.5 in overall length.The action is very familiar in layout reminding me of a cross between the HW100 due to the side-lever cocking whilst the 10-shot removable steel magazine just screamed Webley Raider.Seems you need to seat them as flush as possible to the rear but obviously not protruding at the front or back.So no problems mounting this rifle with a lengthy scope or getting spot on eye-relief, and thanks to that sliding adjustable butt pad a precise head position is guaranteed for optimum gun control.This trigger safety is familiar looking, as its the spit of the pop out style seen on the Webley Blackhawk, right down to the ribbing on the top and when pushed in to disengage a red dot is visible through a hole in the air.There is a slight ejection but such are the high tolerances of engineering I found if you tilted the rifle slightly to the left the magazine would stay in its housing.Ive no qualms with that, as a lot of thought has obviously gone into the stock design and personally I was pleased to see both a thumbhole and adjustable sliding rubber butt pad flanking the angular fully ambidextrous medium height cheekpiece.Incidentally, the air reservoir is removable should you want to take a spare, and if going on a longish lamping session or feral pigeon cull you just might be glad you have one ready to replace the original.On first inspection you cant fail to notice quite a few familiar features now seen on established air rifles which Ill detail as we come to them.Once the steel magazine is removed, you place a pellet into each of the 10 chambers and then replace it back into its housing, pulling back the retaining pin then pushing forward the side-lever.As Im so used to these types of systems forcibly ejecting magazines out - to be lost or get covered in dirt as they hit the deck - imagine my surprise when I pushed forward the spring tensioned retainer to discover it locks forward.
Also this magazine preferred longer pellets.