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Reaching out to schedule a consultation can feel scary and nerve racking.
Addiction to sex and pornography is a controversial issue, but one that I believe is very real, and one that is potentially highly destructive.
Addressing a sexual addiction involves the most holistic counseling approach I have seen, as a sexual addiction is often related to other addictions, trauma, other mental health and relational challenges.
Sexual addiction is more about the lack of vulnerability, and emotional maturity that is required to have a healthy life.Are you feeling betrayed by yourself or confused?My approach is similar to that developed by Patrick Carnes PhD, but with russische bekanntschaften in deutschland some significant modifications.Like other types of addiction (drug, gambling, internet etc.I have completed the Advanced Training in Problematic Sexual Behavior program or atpsb.When we run from our feelings, and not able to express ourselves, for what ever reason, we may substitute our needs with less than savory actions.We promise to answer all of your questions and guide you through the therapy process with compassion, understanding, and professionalism.When you feel out of control, hooked on a sexual addiction or ritual, you need a trained therapist to help you slow down and take an inventory of your life.If you are having obsessive sexual thoughts or engaging in risky sexual behavior that is interfering in your daily life, a mental health professional can help you.We will respond to your message within 48 business hours.Some symptoms of sexual addiction may include an abnormally high sex drive, intense and distracting sexual fantasies, an obsession with seeking out numerous sexual partners, compulsive masturbation, voyeurism, exhibitionism, the excessive use of pornography, or illegal activities (like rape or molestation).Have you been caught doing something you are ashamed of?I have worked with multiple clients and helped them along the path to processing shame, reclaiming sobriety and healing damaged relationships.While our desire for intimacy may be greater these days, temporaries forays external to ourself are never completely fulfilling.Back to Terms List).I am committed to your holistic health.Trained by Patrick Carnes, PhD, I am a certified sex addiction therapist and have been treating individuals and their partners or other family members for over a decade.Seeing a qualified therapist is the first step towards getting a handle on your sexual addiction and making positive changes.
In general, a person may have a sexual addiction when they cannot control their sexual feelings, thoughts or behaviors.
I can support you in better understanding the many parts of you that are activated in these multiple relationships and complicated behaviors.