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Feb 25, 2008 Singles at the Kids Table: Episode 5 Stereotypes some people have about singles and a question about differences in preferences of worship styles.
Guests: Andrew Hess, Mark Driscoll, Martha Krienke and Dax Bushway Feb 14, 2013 Father Knows Best: Episode 263 Parents speak into their kids' dating choices, plus Paul and Virginia Friesen embrace the role of mate screeners, and a question about dating an 18 year old.
Guests: Juli Slattery, Bill Petro, Bob Waliszewski, Jennifer Scheck and Sarah Kittle Oct 21, 2010 Disillusioned by 'The One Episode 143 The idea of finding "the one how to go about building intimate mentorships in a new church, plus Chris Seay.
Guests: Martha Krienke, Candice Watters, Steve Watters, Susie Larson, Kathryn Eutsler and Dave Salkeld.Guests: Darlene Brock, Brock Eastman, Megan Gordon, James Holt and Caitlin Hetzel May 03, 2012 Ask, Seek, Knock: Episode 222 Praying for marriage, plus.Guests: Ashley Mazelin, Jake Roberson, Brandon Wilson, Christi Straub and Joshua Straub Feb 23, 2017 Faithfully Fierce: Episode 473 When your parents' marriage becomes an idol, plus why men should value strong women, and a single mom is tired of being alone.Guests: Joanna Brown, Nate Florea, Allison Meggers and Gary Thomas Dec 31, 2015 Best singlewohnung wien miete of 2015: Episode 413 Dating men out of your league, plus Francis and Lisa Chan on the eternal aspect of marriage, and Candice Watters helps a girl with a skinny fiance.Guests: Andrew Hess, Ashley Mazelin, Brandon Wilson and Shaunti Feldhahn Dec 29, 2016 Best of 2016: Episode 465 A roundup of "The Boundless Shows" best discussions, interviews and advice from 2016.The ultimate in lame dating tactics, plus.Guests: Kevin Carlson, Sarah Beth Gilson, Thomas Voss, Jacki Kintz and Karl Benzio,.D.Nov 05, 2009.Christine Ryan, Darren Terpstra,.Guests: Jenna Kroeker, Martha Krienke, Travis Williams and Rebecca.Mar 21, 2008 The Effect of Church on Men: Episode 9 Easter, the benefits of serving in ways that stretch your comfort zone, and a question about missions or marriage.Jun 20, 2008 Young Men Protecting Purity: Episode 22 Sex and singles, Casting Crowns, a critical spirit, and a question about being attracted to a lot of women.Guests: Mary Heathman, Roger Jones, Scott Kingry and Freda McKissic Bush,.D.Stotts: Episode 66 Testimony roundtable, an interview with Lisa's mom, plus Dave Stott talks about the award-winning Drive Thru History.Joe Wheeler Dec 22, 2011 Family Festivities: Episode 203 Navigating family time during the holidays, plus a discussion on life's interruptions with Priscilla Shirer, and a question about a prodigal brother.Guests: Kathy Hollman, Nathan Hoobler, Martha Krienke, Danny Huerta and Anita Lustrea Jan 20, 2011 Get a Job: Episode 156 Job hunting tips in a bad economy, plus the latest on Focus' life and justice efforts, and a question about pursuing a guy online.Guests: Ashley Mazelin, Jake Roberson, Brandon Wilson, Darlene Zschech and.T.Guests: Laura Gearhart, Andrew Hess, Katrina Nicholson, Russ Carroll and Lisa Anderson Mar 10, 2016 Culture Club: Episode 423 Owning our cultural references, plus Mandy Hale on being secure in your singleness, and a critical girlfriend learns grace.
David Clarke, Matthew John and Ben Rob Jul 28, 2010 The Young and the Restless: Episode 131 Introducing our summer interns, plus activist Zach Hunter, and a question about "pulling a Ruth" long-distance.