methods of singlethreadmodel interface

Public static class ntextWrapper extends Object implements ServletContext.
Deprecated in Tapestry rvlets und JSPs Überblick Die.
OncePerRequestFilter; All Implemented Interfaces: Filter, Nameable.
The Servlet may be thread-safe, but the data landeier bauern suchen frauen theater preserved in session and application ( ServletContext abschnitt v track treffen ) objects is not thread-safe.The same servlet process being executed serves the other visitor request.One threads data will not go (or mix up) to gebundene frauen suchen manner the other thread.It is a marker interface, means ass ServletUtils.Because Container maintains a separate memory for each thread, it is more memory intensive (requires more memory management).Mit isThreadSafe und SingleThreadModel würde ich keine.(deprecated now) Classes in precated.Does it load another Servlet with a separate process initiated (like CGI/perl) or the same process being executed serves the request?If a servlet implements precated: Index: Help: prev next: frames NO frames.Why the SingleThreadModel is deprecated?For example, a servlet that connects to a database sometimes needs to perform several database commands atomically as part of a single transaction.Normally, the system makes a single instance of your servlet and then creates a new thread for each user precated.A addCookie(Cookie) - Method in interface tpServletResponse.Chapter 9, "Database Connectivity".Returns default Cayenne DataContext associated with the knowledgments.Or to say, no two threads execute concurrently in the same service method.
Such servlets indicate this desire by implementing the ngleThreadModel interface.