mid sussex Bebauungsplan Beratung

A Planning Inspector has held a number of Examination Hearings, the most recent being in July 2017.
Examination Document Library which will be updated as the examination progresses.
LDF e-mail alerts To receive news and updates on the District Plan and the Mid Sussex Local Development Framework, sign up to receive LDF E-Mail Alerts.The evidence base can be viewed on the.Council approved the Focused Amendments to the Pre-Submission Draft District Plan for consultation on the 11th November 2015.The Council carried out a public consultation on the Main Modifications that are proposed.It includes advice and information provided by the District Council, and links to other sources of information. .Work has also been completed on housing need and supply, and this is included within the Pre-Submission Draft District Plan.The Main Modifications consultation was held between 2nd October and 13th November 2017.Neighbourhood Planning is a new way for Town and Parish Councils to decide the future of their areas.They can be produced by Town or Parish Councils in consultation with their communities, but must be consistent with legislation and national and local planning policies (for instance the National Planning Policy Framework and the Mid Sussex Local Plan).It can include schools, sports facilities, transport, culture, green infrastructure, community, health and social care facilities among other things.If more than 50 of the community that votes in a referendum says the Plan should be adopted, then decisions on future planning applications kennenlernen der mitarbeiter must take the Neighbourhood Plan into account.Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan (June 2015).The, district Plan Examination page contains information and documents relating to the Mid Sussex District Plan examination including Inspector's correspondence, schedule of hearings, Inspector's questions and matters for hearings, participants statements and agendas.The Main Modifications are changes, additions or deletions required to make the plan sound and have been prepared in liaison with the Planning Inspector during the course of the Examination.