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Saying I love you is also way too forthright for a beer tent flirt.
It is advisable, particularly at the more popular ones and best to apply to them directly.
While many tourists make the trip, the majority of visitors are Bavarian Credit: 2015 Getty Images/Johannes Simon.Its far more organized and upscale than a frat party with toga-wearing co-eds.Originally, Oktoberfest did begin in October but it has since been moved forward so guests can enjoy better weather conditions and warmer nights.The ride is longer because the trains go slower, to allow for a quiet chug to lull you to sleep.Isnt it full of drunken Australians and Brits?The overwhelming majority of visitors are from sex dating Damen Bavaria itself (about 70 per cent or other parts of Germany (15 per cent).Crowd at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.Typically, half a roasted chicken with a giant-sized pretzel.So which tent should I aim for?Re: a single seat for the oktoberfest on 29th of September.Brass band concert (11am, 24 September 2017).Where is it held?And the crowd goes wild.They do this when the tent is too crowded.Getting Around: Train from Munich to Berlin.Other must-see sights in Munich When staying in Munich, there are many other points of interest all visitors should see if they want to take a break from Oktoberfest.Parades, shooting displays and a horse race also took place around the famous Theresienwiese meadow the place where the festival is still held to this day.Bavarian (or Bayerisch) is a language all unto itself.The feast of beer in Munich (which).That said, the Weinzelt (wine tent) is where you can choose from more than 15 different wines (and there are some excellent ones in Germany, especially from Franconia) in addition to different types of Sekt (sparkling wine) and champagne.
More general pointers are provided by the German National Tourist Office ( avel ) and Munich Tourist Office ( ).