ram single oder dual rank

This event sends basic data on privacy settings before and after a feature update.
IsRenderDevice Does the GPU have rendering capabilities?VentoryDevicePnpStartSync This event indicates that sucht und frauen a new set of InventoryDevicePnpAdd events will be sent.The following fields are available: CanAddMsaToMsTelemetry True if UTC is allowed to add MSA user identity onto telemetry from the OS provider groups.Proximity Indicates if a Proximity sensor is found.CbsDownloadMethod Indicates whether the download was a full-file download or a partial/delta download.BiosVersion The version of the bios.VramsharedSystem Retrieves the amount of RAM memory that the video card can use.This event sends data about an Orchestrator requesting a reboot from power management to help keep Windows up to date.The following fields are available: ErrorCode The error code returned for the current install phase.BugCheckParameter3 Uint64 parameter providing additional information.RGB and cmyk channels can be controlled by a color wheel.BundleRepeatFailFlag Has this particular update bundle previously failed to install?StemTouchStartSync This event indicates that a new set of SystemTouchAdd events will be sent.
The following fields are available: ClientId With Windows Update, this will be the Windows Update client ID that is passed to Setup.
CpId, the composer ID, such as Reference, Desktop, jungs außerhalb der schule kennenlernen Phone, Holographic, single frauen hennigsdorf Hub, IoT Composer.