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Despite what other districts are reporting or not reporting, there have been a large number of incidents that did occur in Duval partner kennenlernen statistik County, and Vitti does no dispute they paint a troubling picture.
You go to school to learn, you don't go to school to get respect, unless you give." What Batts does for his children and grandchildren is what Vitti would like to see for every child.Arsons, attacks, frauen richtig flirten sex crimes, weapons: just a sample of what's happening inside Duval County public schools.He admits there is a fighting problem with no quick fix, but he wanted to make it clear that he believes Duval County's 198 schools are safe.Augustine High School reported 51 incidents of crime, violence and bad behavior the most in the district.While fdoe officials would not answer that specifically, Press Secretary Alix Miller did say the following: "fdoe works directly with districts to ensure incidents are being reported accurately.News4Jax crime and safety analyst Gil Smith said the best thing parents can do is be engaged in their childs education.For physical attacks, that's where a student is attacked without fighting back, Duval County reported 6,017 in the school year.Miami-Dade County reported.Two more had nearly 100.The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind is its own district.Robberies: 9, sex offenses: 40, sexual harassment: 54, threats:."I definitely want everyone to understand, my intentions were not to hurt the children, the students.
They also led the state with 379 cases of threat/intimidation.