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LTC Dennis McGlone, Commander, 744th MP Battalion, detailed the escape of one detainee at the High Value Detainee Facility who went to the latrine and then outran the guards and escaped.
She stated: MI wanted to get them to talk.Units currently AT ABU ghraib (bccf) ARE tacon TO 205 MI brigade FOR security OF detainees AND FOB protection.(U) Accountability SOPs were not fully developed and standing tacsops were widely ignored.In addition, numerous officers and senior NCOs have been reprimanded/disciplined for misconduct during this period.Article 15-6 investigation OF THE 800th military police brigade.(U) Basic Army Doctrine was not widely referenced or utilized to develop the accountability practices throughout the 800th MP Brigades subordinate units.(U) The management of multiple disparate groups of detained people in a single location by members of the same unit invites confusion about handling, processing, and treatment, and typically facilitates the transfer of information between different categories of detainees.(U) I also find, as did MG Ryders Team, that the 800th MP Brigade as a whole, was understrength for the mission for which it was tasked.They made them do strange exercises by sliding on their stomach, jump up and down, throw water on them and made them some wet, called them all kinds of names such as gays do they like to make love to guys, then they handcuffed their.I find no direct evidence that MP personnel actually participated in those MI interrogations.The Findings and Recommendations of MG Ryders Team are thorough and precise and should be implemented immediately.No lessons learned seem to have been disseminated to subordinate units to enable corrective action at the lowest level.Making material misrepresentations to the Investigation Team as to the frequency of her visits to her subordinate commands.(annexes 19 and 21-23).(U) 05 November 03- Escape of detainees # 9877 and # 10739 from Abu Ghraib (320th MP Battalion).(S) Positioning a naked detainee on a MRE Box, with a sandbag on his head, and attaching wires to his fingers, toes, and penis to simulate electric torture;.Novotny, effectively maintained the MEK Detention Facility at Camp Ashraf.(U) SPC Jeremy adult friend finder kostenloses Konto Sivits, 372nd MP Company - Suspect.(U) SPC Sabrina Harman, 372nd MP Company, stated in her sworn statement regarding the incident where a detainee was placed on a box with wires attached to his fingers, toes, and penis, that her job was to keep detainees awake.This effectively made an MI Officer, rather than an MP Officer, responsible for the MP units conducting detainee operations at that facility.
This would also have the change sheet serve as a way to check up on the accuracy of the manifest as updated by each compound.