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During the period between 1760 to 1775, Ludwigsburg was one of the leading European manufacturers.
Then in 1948 it was reopened again by Otto Wanner-Brandt and sadly closed again in 2010.It was assumed that the prestigious and internationally located stores belonging to that holding would allow an increase of sales.Ludwigsburger Porzellan-Fabrik, increasing pressure on the involved people.Accused of misleading customers into thinking that the company had something to do with the original factory, they were involved in a court case (with the previously mentioned company in Schorndorf) and lost in July 1920, resulting in a change of both name and marks.2 : Herzoglich-Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Ludwigsburg (18) The factory was renamed, proudly showing its Royal-Ducal background, when Duke Friedrich Wilhelm Karl was elected King of Wuerttemberg in 1805 (accepting office on January 1st 1806).Duke Friedrich Wilhelm Karl from 1797 onwards.Hamburg-born patron Karl Emil Heitmann then took over in 1965 and was responsible for the expansion process for the next years; especially notable in this context is the 1967 relocation of the factory to its location in the Ludwigsburg castle.All expenses, for example a total of 2 million Euro in 2002, were carried by those shareholders.The kaolin sex sucht meetings in san diego used was brought in from Hornberg and produced a very malleable body clay, well-suited to the figural work Ludwigsburg produced (and.It was in 1918 even allowed to use the old marks, but had to add the initials WPM for Württembergische Porzellanmanufaktur as to not confuse potential customers.Image 1-15 Period of Duke Carl Eugen (1744-1793 mark used between 17Image 1-16 Period of Duke Carl Eugen (1744-1793 mark used between 17Image 1-17 Period of Duke Carl Eugen (1744-1793 mark used between 17Image 1/2-18 Generic mark used between around 1793 and around 1815.In 1993, a demonstration room was added to the porcelain gallery and in 1994 the factory was honoured by receiving a prize from the foundation of the Württembergische Hypothekenbank Kunst und Wissenschaft, rewarded for preserving and maintaining the porcelain manufacturers traditions.3 : Porzellan-Manufaktur Ludwigsburg.m.b.H.Image 1-06 Period of Duke Carl Eugen (1744-1793 mark used around 1764.
(a Russian investment group registered in Switzerland) and renamed to Schlossmanufaktur Ludwigsburg.m.b.H.
Image 3-37 Used since 1947, registered for special editions only.