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That amount shall not be lower than the average use of Union aid per child across all Member States under the school milk scheme which applied prior to Measures on the fixing of indicative and definitive allocations and on reallocation of Union aid for school.
Within that overall limit, the aid shall not exceed: (a) for school fruit and vegetables: EUR 150 million per school year; (b) for school milk: EUR 100 million per school year.If a Member State decides to extend the scope of an existing national school scheme or to make it more effective by requesting Union aid, it shall indicate in the strategy referred to in Article 23(8) how this will be achieved.Als kleiner Abfahrtsschisser hatte ich mir schon Horrorszenarien ausgemalt, wie es ist, bei Regen und Carbonfelgen den Brocken runter zu müssen.Member States participating in the school scheme shall publicise, at school premises or other relevant places, their involvement in the scheme and the fact that it is subsidised by the Union.The allocations for the Member States concerned shall ensure that higher aid is allocated to the outermost regions listed in Article 349 tfeu in order to take into account the specific situation of those regions in the sourcing of products and to promote such sourcing.Download, testen Sie kostenlos die aktuelle Version Allplan Architektur oder Allplan Ingenieurbau!Welcome to the websites of the chair for IT Security.Section 1 of Chapter II of Title I of Part II is replaced by the following: Section 1, aid for the supply of fruit and vegetables singles lingen umgebung and of milk and milk products in educational establishments.The Commission may develop, in accordance with Article 24(4) of this Regulation, a common identifier or graphic elements to enhance the visibility of the school scheme.The transfers referred to in point (a) of the third subparagraph may not be made from the indicative allocation for the group of products for which the Member State concerned requests an amount exceeding its indicative allocation.Those measures may also be designed to educate children about related issues, such as healthy eating habits, local food chains, organic farming, sustainable production or combating food waste.In order to ensure the efficient and targeted use of Union funds and to facilitate the implementation of the school scheme, the Commission shall be empowered to adopt delegated acts in accordance with Article 227 concerning: (a) the identification of costs and measures that are.
Member States shall determine in their strategies the list of all the products to be supplied under the school scheme either through regular distribution or under accompanying educational measures.